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What Causes Basement Water Problems?

Clogged footing drains, hydrostatic pressure, soil settlement, and a cracking foundation are all common causes of water problems affecting your basement. TerraFirma Foundation Systems expert staff are prepared to diagnose water issues plaguing your basement and provide informed, personalized solutions.

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Clogged Footing Drains | Basement Water Problem Causes | TerraFirma Foundation Systems

Clogged Footing Drains

Footing drains, installed just outside your home's basement foundation, are thick pipes with holes designed for water to drip inside. Stone is laid on top of the drain pipe to prevent soil backfill from clogging the pipe, however, over time, backfill seeps through the stone and clogs the pipe. Since the only way to clean the footing drain involves excavating the ground and flushing the pipe, ensuring its proper functioning within your basement foundation is ideal.

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Hydrostatic Pressure | Basement Water Problem Causes | TerraFirma Foundation Systems

Hydrostatic Pressure

Once clogged footing drains can no longer collect water, puddles begin to form within backfill and push against your home's foundation. The weight of the water creates pressure that pushes against your home; this is called hydrostatic pressure. This pressure forces water into the porous concrete and through cracks in the block and mortar. When unaddressed, hydrostatic pressure combined with soil settlement and seasonal changes result in cracks in your basement walls and its poured concrete foundation.

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Soil Settlement | Basement Water Problem Causes | TerraFirma Foundation Systems

Soil Settlement

As backfilled soil surrounding your basement foundation begins to settle, hydrostatic pressure starts to form. If your home's drainage and gutters aren't properly working, water runoff will sink and run along your foundation, further increasing this pressure and the settling of soil. With TerraFirma's assistance, the addition of dirt to the sunken soil can help prevent excess hydrostatic pressure and basement water problems developing in turn.

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Cracked Wall | Basement Water Problem Causes | TerraFirma Foundation Systems

Basement Wall Cracks

Concrete cracks happen, and expansion, soil upheaval, and freeze-and-thaw cycles contribute largely to their forming. Once present in your basement walls or floors, cracks in concrete foundations invite water inside and need timely attention to avoid further structural problems. TerraFirma's waterproofing experts are experienced and knowledged in finding the best solution for your basement water problems, no matter how large or small.

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What Do I Do Now?

If you think that your home's basement is suffering from water-related issues due to one of the causes above or another that is not mentioned, request a free inspection with one of our knowledgeable repair consultants. No matter what your basement problem is, TerraFirma Foundation Systems guarantees you will be treated with the utmost respect and attention to ensure a timely and effective correction.

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