Concrete leveling is a cost-effective and low-stress way to stabilize sinking sidewalks, raise settling Concrete slabs, and provide structural support for commercial and residential buildings. To lift a Concrete slab or foundation, a high density polyurethane foam is injected beneath the slab. The foam quickly dries and does not shrink so you don’t have to worry about additional settlement or soil erosion.

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Concrete Leveling Applications

PolyLevel® fixes sunken & settled Concrete In the past, contractors relied upon mudjacking (also known as slab jacking, Concrete leveling, Concrete raising, grout pumping and slab leveling) to level Concrete that had settled over time. This entailed pumping Concrete slurry under the settled slab to raise it with hopes that the settlement would cease.

But now…

Since Concrete has remarkable versatility as a building material, for residential and commercial applications, it offers outstanding strength and durability, delivering these qualities at an affordable price. Because the material can be tinted, textured and formed, it’s usually the first choice for all kinds of flatwork –everything from driveways and sidewalks to factory floors, patios, residential slabs and more.





Installation Steps

Step 1

Strategically drill small dime-sized holes in slab.

Step 2

Install injection ports.

Step 3

Inject PolyLevel® beneath slab to fill voids.

Step 4

Grout and seal holes.

Benefits of Concrete leveling

Low Stress Installation Portable equipment is used during installation which can be used in tight spaces and minimizes property and landscape damage from heavy machinery.

Can be Installed Year-Round Our concrete leveling solution can be installed at any time. So you don’t have to worry about a collapsed wall while waiting for nice weather to repair foundation.

No Need To Replace Concrete Small holes are drilled into the Concrete and the polyurethane foam is pumped in, lifting the slab. The holes are patched up and you’re saved the cost of replacing the entire slab!

Proven Concrete Slab Raising Solution High density polyurethane foam has been used by the Department of Transportation for more than 30 years to repair sinking roadways, retaining walls and other concrete structures.

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