Foundation Repair Slab Piers

Slab Piers and Slab Settlement Repair

TerraFirma Foundation Systems Slab Piers are used for homes that are built on a concrete slab foundation. Slab piers are installed deep under your home to help stabilize your foundation. Our Slab Piers are a life-long foundation solution that involves minimal mess and stress.

Why Use Slab Piers?

Slab piers are designed to be driven deep into the earth, bypassing soils that are ill-suited to support weight, so that your floor can be supported by strong, competent earth. Slab piers also provide an opportunity to lift your concrete slab back to its original position, often closing cracks and eliminating tripping hazards.

Fix your cracked concrete Foundation with slab piers

A settling concrete slab can cause major structural problems in a home. An individual may notice signs such as trip hazards, cracks in drywall, and doors that do not open and close properly, all of which indicate a slab settlement problem.

Slab settlement problems are typically caused by changing soil conditions under the slab. Drying and shrinking of soils due to HVAC systems is one of the most common causes, along with soil consolidation due to poorly compacted fill soils during construction.

No matter what the cause, a sinking slab can cause significant damage and is something that needs to be permanently repaired. Some homeowners think that removing and replacing the slab is the solution to fix the problem, without realizing how costly, messy and disruptive it is to your home. Because the real problem is with the compaction of the soil rather than with the slab itself, the same problem is likely to occur again.

Other solutions such as mudjacking, only add weight to the problem and are unable to reach deep, competent soils in order to support the slab permanently.

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Before slab pier installation

After slab pier installation

Benefits of TerraFirma Foundation Systems slab Piers

Permanent Solution to Your Foundation Problems TerraFirma Foundation Systems’ Slab Piers are installed in stable soil and are made of galvanized steel. Offering a solution that will stand the test of time.

Restores Your Home's Property Value TerraFirma Foundation Systems’ Slab Piers can lift and level your slab foundation, eliminating tripping hazards and restoring your home’s property value.

Low Stress Installation Installing this underpinning solution is easy and low stress. After installation the piers will not be visible and there is no heavy equipment that will damage your landscaping and property.

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