As the floors above your crawl space begin to sag and feel soft or bouncy, the very foundation from which your life is built on becomes compromised. Finding a permanent solution that addresses the true cause of your foundation problem is the surest way for you to get on with your life and enjoy peace of mind.

How did my floors get this way?

Floors above crawl spaces are susceptible to problems created within the crawl space itself. Moisture changes and weak foundation soils in a crawl space can cause columns to shift and settle. Sagging beams and floor joists are often caused by an improper spacing of existing pier columns or weakened floor systems due to mold and wood rot. As these forces of nature occur in the crawl space, the floors above begin to sink and sag as well.

Telltale Signs of sagging floor joists and weak beams

Do your floors sag?

Are your floors uneven?

Are you floors bouncy?

Do you have soft spots on some parts of your floor?

Do you know what supports your house inside of your crawl space?

Issue 1

Unstable Columns & Rotting Floor Joists

Issue 2

Moldy Rotten Floor Joists

Issue 3

Blocks of Wood Supporting House?

Issue 4

Bowed Cracked Floors

Issue 5

Cracks at Door Frame corners

Issue 6

Bouncy Floors

Advantages of TerraFirma Foundation Systems SmartJacks

Long Term Solution to Sagging Floors TerraFirma's SmartJack™ systems have a long-term guarantee so you can feel confident knowing that your sagging floors are permanently. SmartJacks are constructed from galvanized steel that will not rust.

Safe and Reliable SmartJacks™ are built to last, load-tested to support more than 60,000 pounds.

Quick and Easy TerraFirma SmartJacks™ can be installed in tight spaces and don’t require heavy machinery that can damage your property. No concrete is needed to install SmartJacks™ so there is no extra mess or waiting for concrete to dry. SmartJacks™ offer immediate stabilization and lift and can be installed in conjunction with any TerraFirma waterproofing or encapsulation system.

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Smartjack installation process

Step 1

A hole is excavated and a footing base is prepared.

Step 2

The footing installed is made from high-strength aluminum.

Step 3

The steel columns and components are assembled.

Step 4

SmartJacks are then connected to the beam and tightened.

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