Wall Anchors System

Foundation Wall Anchors in Oregon & SW Washington

TerraFirma Foundation Systems' Wall Anchors permanently stabilize your foundation walls. As your basement walls begin to crack and lean inward, the very foundation from which your life is built becomes compromised. Finding a permanent solution that addresses the true cause of your foundation problem is the surest way for you to get on with your life’s happenings and enjoy peace of mind.


If you’re experiencing structural problems of any kind with your foundation walls, we can help! We have solutions for a wide variety of issues, including the following telltale signs:

Horizontal or stair-step cracking

Diagonal cracking at corners

Inward bowing or bulging

Walls sliding inwards

Walls tilting inward at the top

Each of our wall anchor systems are custom-designed and installed by our trained and certified foundation experts.


How did my walls get this way?

You may not realize this, but the soil surrounding your home puts a LOT of pressure on your foundation walls. The severity of this pressure depends on the type of soil around your home's foundation, the amount of moisture in that soil, and how deep the foundation is underground.

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How do Geo-lock wall Anchors work?

The Geo-Lock Wall Anchor Systems by TerraFirma Foundation Systems are installed by digging a small hole in the soil just a few feet away from the outside of the foundation. A steel rod is then drilled through a 1" hole in your basement wall to connect to an earth anchor seated deep within the augured hole. A low-profile wall plate is then placed on the interior of the basement wall and secured to the rod. Finally, the augured hole is backfilled and sod is replaced. Once all components of the wall anchor system are connected and tightened, your basement wall is permanently stabilized.

Advantages of TerraFirma's Wall anchor system

An Economical Solution to Bowing Walls TerraFirma Wall Anchors repair your walls without disrupting your busy life. Our Wall Anchor system is comprised of galvanized steel components to look great and never rust. Save yourself the cost, stress, and mess of replacing a foundation wall, call TerraFirma today.

Restores Your Property Value After installation, the TerraFirma Wall Anchors will strengthen and stabilize your foundation walls, increase your living and storage space, and are easily concealed during basement finishing projects. Hide-A-Way Wall Anchor Covers are also available, giving you a child-friendly, finished look.

Year-Round Installation The TerraFirma Wall Anchors can be installed year-round, and can even be tightened over time to straighten the wall.

Excelent Warranty on Each Wall Anchor TerraFirma's Wall Anchor System is backed by an excellent guarantee!

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Wall Anchor System Installation Process

Step 1

Sod is carefully removed and an earth anchor hole is augured.

Step 2

A small hole is drilled through the basement wall and a rod is driven out.

Step 3

An earth anchor is installed and attached to the rod.

Step 4

A Wall Plate is attached and tightened, seating the earth anchor.

Step 5

Hole is backfilled and sod is replaced.

Step 6

Anchors can be tightened at intervals and wall condition improved.

Are you looking for local foundation Contractors in oregon and SW Washington?

The most important thing with any foundation repair project is to hire experienced contractors and crews who can fix your problem. Aside from having the best, most experienced installation specialists, our Geo-Lock Anchors have unique design features that provide you with the absolute best solution for your home.

Not sure what you need? Sometimes it's hard to know what the best solution is for your individual situation. You don't have to see the warning signs to know that you have a problem. If you think something may be awry in your home's foundation walls, give TerraFirma a call. We'll work with you every step of the way to find the absolute best solution for your home and your unique situation. Call today to schedule your FREE onsite inspection 866.486.7196.

What Do I Do Now

In order to permanently fix your foundation, you need to know what needs to be repaired.

With TerraFirma, you can always expect a trained foundation repair specialist to come to your home for a thorough inspection, consultation, and a free written estimate. Feel good knowing that your foundation is in the right hands and will be strong and stable again once your work with TerraFirma is complete.

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